About us

Leanko is a company engaged in the introduction of smart and innovative products for general service businesses and commerce in general.

The company entered the market in 2007, being the first to introduce exclusively in Greece and Cyprus an innovative integrated wireless paging system using pagers to facilitate communication in catering areas (communication between staff and customers and between staff), in yachts, in industrial areas, hospitals, supermarket, Casino, Spa.

For many years the company had the opportunity to present the full range of products to interested customers and resellers at the largest exhibitions that take place in Greece in the mass catering and tourism sector (HORECA, FOOD AND DRINK, PHILOXENIA, XENIA)

Proof of the success of this innovative system is the 200 and more customers who enjoy the benefits of the LEANKO system.

The company is composed of a team of experienced people ready to propose the most intelligent and integrated solutions, with absolute consistency in after sales service, technical coverage and support, that will facilitate the operation of the business, upgrading it and setting it as a pioneer in its field.

In addition, the LEANKO system has attracted the interest of major companies such as Athenian Brewery, 3 E, ILLY, YACOBS, DIAGIO, LOUX, MEDIA STROM, subsidizing up to 100% of the purchase cost of our system for the installation of the system in mass catering facilities they choose.

The headquarters of Leanko is in Peristeri, 45-47 Pavlou Mela Street, Tel. 2105721285. In our offices in Peristeri we have a SHOWROOM, where you can visit us for a demonstration of our products.